NY killer nanny sentenced to life in prison

NY killer nanny sentenced to life in prison

NY killer nanny sentenced to life in prison

The Manhattan nanny who butchered two children in 2012 was sentenced Monday to life in prison without parole plus 50 years, capping a harrowing story that has gripped the city for almost six years.

Yoselyn Ortega wept as she spoke briefly in court in New York City - a rare show of emotion in a lengthy case, in which she was convicted in April of the gruesome October 2012 stabbing deaths of six-year-old Lucia Krim, known as Lulu, and two-year-old Leo Krim.

Ortega's sentencing comes a little over five years after Marina Krim left Lucia and Leo in Ortega's care while she took her third child, then 3-year-old Nessie, to a swimming lesson at a nearby YMCA, police said.

"She tried to destroy what Kevin and I set out to build, a happy family", Marina said.

"My life is in the hands of God", she said.

On Monday, Ortega appeared visibly shaken as she apologised even though covering the courtroom.

Ortega was also trying hard to pay for tuition prices on her 17-year-old son, whom she had attracted for the united states from the Dominican Republic and registered at an exclusive school.

Kevin Krim said the crime caused an "obliterating darkness" to descend on his family, robbing them of "the brightest and warmest of lights".

"It's the people of NY who wrapped their arms around us in our darkest moment - they are what make this the greatest city in the world", he said. The parents hired her after a relative of Ortega's provided them with a fabricated reference claiming Ortega had nannied for a child of hers who never existed.

"I insist on the fact that she was aware of his actions no more than a baby or a rough wild beast, "said Ortega's lawyer , Valerie van Leer-Greenberg".

But Judge Gregory Carro referred to Ortega as "pure evil" and said she should spend the rest of her life in prison. "Lulu and Leo are powerful forces", she said through tears.

Prosecutors had described how Ortega was supposed to bring Lulu to a dance class, but instead brought her and Leo to their apartment.

Krim opened the door to the bathroom to discover the children's bodies stacked in the tub.

"There were blood curdling screams from a woman", Rima Starr, a neighbor, told the New York Times that night, adding that after hearing the screams she saw Marina in the building's lobby, with a towel over her head and Nessie, her surviving child, in her arms.

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