Packaging error leads to birth control pill recall in US



Allergan released this image showing the incorrect packaging for birth-control treatment Taytulla.

The drug company Allergan voluntarily recalled 170,000 of the sample packs of the birth control pill Taytulla because women could have unintended pregnancies. Modern birth control pills that are lower in estrogen have fewer side effects than past oral contraceptives. But the four capsules without hormones were placed in the pack first, for the first four days of therapy, in place of the active capsules.

If you are a patient in the US who has used a TAYTULLA sample pack from lot 5620706, Exp. The placebo pills, which are meant to be placed at the end of a 28-pill pack, were mistakenly placed at the beginning of the pack.

The spokesperson said that the recall was made due to an error in a single pill pack, and so far, no other sample packs with the error have been identified, either within the recalled lot or in other lots.

Allergan also provided photos of the correctly and incorrectly packaged pill packs. Reversing the order may not be evident to new or previous users, which can further increase the chance of taking the capsules out of sequence. They've been issued since August 27, 2017. The total lot of recalled packs originally had been distributed to doctors across the country who can offer them to patients as samples.

Anyone with the sample pack product with the lot #5620706 and expiration date of May 2019 is urged to contact their healthcare provider to return the product.

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