Rockets can't wait to shoot down Warriors

Via @NBA

Via @NBA

After Harden got past Kevin Durant to score a bucket inside, Green took the ball out of the net and tried to get to the baseline to inbound it.

Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson dives for the ball during the first half of Game 1 of the NBA basketball Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics, Sunday, May 13, 2018, in Boston. Sure the ratings will be higher and the NBA Finals will get more interest and exposure overall, but we all know whoever wins the West will go on to win the championship. This, however, is not an ordinary season.

Well, that series is here, and the Warriors don't seem all that piqued by the prospect of it starting (and possibly finishing) in the Lone Star State.

I did not predict a Houston victory, but I wouldn't be completely shocked by it.

Both teams have looked dominant in the postseason, dropping only two total games in the first two rounds. From a qualitative perspective, though, his off-the-dribble burst wasn't quite what it is at his peak. "They hunt the mismatch via the pick and roll, and then they isolate, and they're going to shoot the 3, or dribble drive to finish, lob, or pass to a corner for a 3".

"We are better than them". But seriously, this is the kind of thing that keeps Golden State coach Steve Kerr up at night.

That's because in those games, the Warriors had something to prove - they needed to silence doubt, establish dominance or shut up a crowd they simply didn't like. His height and versatility give the Warriors the ultimate chess piece that can do everything on offense and guard the most active wingmen and front court players. This has been a successful formula so far.

"Obviously you want to build your team to beat the defending champs because that's usually how you've got to go to get a championship". If a Golden State dynasty was inevitable, they could at least put on a good show on their way to wrecking the league's competitive balance.

His minutes have increased each game he plays and he was 32 for 67 with 15 3s in the Pelicans series. They will go on a scoring binges. Expect Golden State to try to lure him away from the basket whenever it can. You know how they get shots off in isolation-type situations, and they're tough to stop. For 48 minutes, it's not going to be just one person defending each of those guys. "Their team is built to beat us, their obsession". If the Celtics are able to overcome King James just think how good they will be in the coming years. That's going to be extremely hard, and you won't find anyone but the Rockets themselves or homer Rockets fans picking Houston to win at this point. Houston made 35.9 percent of their 3-pointers in their three games against Golden State in the regular season. But offseason additions Luc Mbah a Moute and P.J. For instance, Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell ripped him for going to exhaustive lengths to sell foul calls after the Jazz dropped Game 4 in the second round. He had been out since dislocating his right shoulder on April 10. They'll surely play better in Game 2 but will that be enough? Houston's margin for error is slim, so a cold streak at the wrong time could be costly. And if it went seven games, it would end in Houston.

Along the way came two more meetings in January, with Golden State winning the first and Houston winning the second.

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