Samantha Bee revisits Georgia again, lauding Stacey Abrams, mocking Brian Kemp

Samantha Bee revisits Georgia again, lauding Stacey Abrams, mocking Brian Kemp

Samantha Bee revisits Georgia again, lauding Stacey Abrams, mocking Brian Kemp

Almost half of American states have never had a female governor. Those incumbents are on political target lists - districts where the state's legendary redistricting maps just aren't strong enough to protect parties the mapmakers hoped to protect.

Abrams is betting she can succeed by abandoning the political playbook of previous Democratic nominees, who ran centrist campaigns aimed at luring back older white voters who had come to favor Republicans.

"It was too bad they chose to make it sound like someone has done a big investigative report on her".

"If you feel that, for instance, only the Democrats can win, or only the Republican can win, that's going to depress voter turnout", she says.

Californians are enthusiastic about voting this year in key battleground congressional races, but Democrats eying Republican-held seats in hopes of flipping the House shouldn't get their hopes up too soon. If they and other women win in November, lifting the Democrats to the majority in the House, the #MeToo movement will be entitled to a good deal of the credit.

Abrams's team is debating the best way to turn out its coalition of minorities, women, young people and liberal whites in the general election.

Jones's and Northam's victories will also serve as templates for two long-shot Democratic Senate campaigns this year in MS, a state that has not elected a Democrat to the U.S. Senate since 1982.

Among those who did not vote were Rep. Jay Fant, a Jacksonville Republican who is running for attorney general, and Rep. Ross Spano, a Dover Republican who is running for Congress. The victor will take on Republican Bob Woodall who has raised bafflingly little for an incumbent in a district where Trump won by single-digits, and he will be vulnerable in this pro-Democratic environment.

In both cases, Trippi said, there is an opportunity to capitalize on lagging excitement among suburban Republican voters and high enthusiasm among the Democratic base.

Breanne Davis of Russellville defeated Democrat Teresa Gallegos in a special election Tuesday.

Moser made the runoff despite the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee criticizing her for writing jokingly in 2014 that she'd rather have teeth pulled than live in small-town Texas. About 2.6 million Texans voted in the March primaries - 1.5 million on the Republican side, and 1.1 million on the Democratic side.

Sure, it will help Abrams if she can limit the margins by which she loses in small-town Georgia. But she could not vote for the BDS bill, she said, for the same reason that other progressives who oppose BDS oppose such bills: It brings government in as a referee on boycotts and free speech, which, she said, should trouble those steeped in the history of civil rights.

Republicans won't have their nominee until a July 24 runoff between Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp - two white men who were the top vote-getters in a crowded five-candidate GOP primary Tuesday in which contenders focused on the sanctity of gun rights and talked tough on immigration. She attended Avondale High School in DeKalb County, Ga., where she became the school's first African-American valedictorian.

"That is the million-dollar question".

Abrams said she is on a payment plan to settler her overdue taxes.

O'Rourke, though popular with many Democrats, has struggled to gain a solid foundation with Hispanic voters. In 2014 and 2016, Republican turnout averaged about 61 percent and Democrats about 37 percent in early and absentee votes. Trump won the state by 6 points. While the race was hard-fought, the outcome was lopsided with Abrams winning 423,163 (76.5 percent) votes over Evans' 130,234.

Hood points to a back-of-the-envelope calculation of the challenge facing Abrams. However, the overall numbers are very low and there is plenty of time for Democrats to increase their turnout.

In the ballroom of a downtown Atlanta hotel, Abrams thanked supporters and outlined her vision for the future.

A leaked campaign memo in February from Abrams's campaign manager explicitly cited the Alabama and Virginia campaigns as models for grass-roots organizing.

On Tuesday night, four states held primary elections: Arkansas, Georgia and Kentucky hosted their first rounds of voting and Texas completed its run-off.

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