Service dog gives birth to 8 puppies at Tampa Airport gate

A service dog named Ellie which is short for Eleanor Rigby went into labor and delivered eight puppies in the middle of a terminal at Tampa International Airport on Friday

Yellow lab gives birth to eight puppies

The dog gave birth to eight puppies outside a terminal with the help of airport paramedics.

A service dog waiting for a flight to Philadelphia with her owner gave birth at the Tampa airport as travelers gathered around and watched.

Tampa Fire Rescue shared the sweet moments over social media.

The pregnant yellow lab was flying to Philadelphia with her owner and her "partner", Nugget.

Her name is Ellie, and she caused quite a stir on the concourse today as she unexpectedly went into labor. The father of the puppies - a dog named Golden Nugget - was also present at the scene of the delivery.

The owner of the service dog Paramedic Larry Glanton an unidentified woman and Lt Natalie Brown smile for the camera after Ellie delivered all eight of the pups

The puppies, their parents, and humans missed the flight.

Van Atter said she has mobility and pain issues, Nipps said, and the dogs were service dogs, though Eleanor Rigby was still in training.

'An air traveler's service dog is delivering puppies now, ' the department wrote in a post shared on Twitter.

Ellie - short for Eleanor Rigby - welcomed seven boys and one girl. The owners told reporters they planned to get some rest before driving the new pup family to Pennsylvania.

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