Trump won't say if he has confidence in Rosenstein

President Donald Trump accentuated his fury Tuesday at the notion an FBI source may have provided information about his campaign declaring such a scenario would amount to an unprecedented scandal

Trump won't say if he has confidence in Rosenstein

Democrats will be shut out of a White House-brokered meeting during which Justice Department officials will tell two House GOP chairmen about an intelligence source who provided information about President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday the meeting would be Thursday. The White House then said Monday that Trump chief of staff John Kelly would organize the meeting to review the documents.

The Justice Department said the agency's inspector general tasked with conducting oversight of the department would look into the questions raised by Trump as part of its ongoing investigation into the government surveillance of former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page during the presidential campaign.

During a meeting Monday with Trump, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray also reiterated an announcement late Sunday that the Justice Department's inspector general will expand an existing investigation into the Russian Federation probe by examining whether there was any improper politically motivated surveillance.

A source "with knowledge the President's legal strategy" told CNN this afternoon that they want questions "limited to Russian collusion" and about the time period before Trump's election. Reports emerged on Friday that a man who met with Trump campaign aides on multiple occasions in 2016 was an Federal Bureau of Investigation informant.

Sara said I'm wrong: "An informant is very different from a spy". Schiff and other committee Democrats were furious and argued that Republicans had not subpoenaed many witnessed they considered essential to the committee's work.

The White House did not immediately provide guidance on what exactly Trump meant in terms of actions to be taken on Monday.

At least 19 House Republicans critical of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation signed on to the new 12-page resolution on Tuesday calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special counsel to investigate "misconduct at the highest levels" of the DOJ and FBI, Rep.

A Justice Department spokeswoman referred inquiries to the White House.

After Trump's tweets on Sunday, the Justice Department formally asked the inspector general to expand its review to include tactics used against Trump campaign aides and advisers. The Justice Department has in the past offered classified briefings to Nunes, though they have refused to turn over documents.

Caputo said the Mueller team "never reached out" to his friend to check on the information, or to the contractor.

"And he knows that if Americans are fixated on collusion, they aren't concentrating on much else".

Without substantiation, Trump tweeted in March 2017 that former President Barack Obama had conducted surveillance the previous October at Trump Tower, the NY skyscraper where Trump ran his campaign and transition and maintains a residence.

Rep. Thomas J. Rooney (R-Fla.), a senior member of the House Intelligence Committee, predicted that Nunes and Gowdy's meeting with senior Justice Department officials will help put to rest some of the circulating concerns and return lawmakers' focus to the matter of election security.

The Mueller investigation, Bruni argued, is dominating media coverage to the extent it's crowding out coverage of what Trump and his administration are actually doing.

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