Twitter working on encrypted messaging feature

Twitter has an unlaunched ‘Secret’ encrypted messages feature		
	Josh Constine

   	12 hours

Twitter has an unlaunched ‘Secret’ encrypted messages feature Josh Constine @ 12 hours

According to TechCrunch, the "Secret conversation" option in Twitter for Android was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong earlier this month.

Since the internet privacy is the hottest topic out there, it is a good move by the company to adopt more privacy oriented features.

Twitter might borrow a feature from popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Skype.

A couple of years ago Edward Snowden proposed such an idea to Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey, in which Dorsey responded by saying that this is something they'll think about. Until now, that is.

We've known for some time now that Twitter would consider bringing encryption to its private messages. The feature was first spotted inside Twitter's Android package by a third party developer, Jane Manchun Wong, who also spotted the Avatar feature on Facebook's Android package.

The as-yet-unlaunched "Secret conversation" function, buried in Twitter's Android app, could allow users to send encrypted messages similar to apps like Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp reports TechCrunch. "Encryption", for the uninitiated, is just a fancy term for "secure". Even Facebook lets its users pen an encrypted message on Messenger. The feature help strangers message each other without having to share their contact details such as phone number or email ID. Wong revealed her discovery through a tweet on Thursday, stating, "Twitter is working on End-to-End Encrypted Secret DM!"

Twitter has long maintained a reputation for being a unique platform for politics, uprisings, breaking news, or plain discourse, but without encryption, individuals risk exposing themselves to external parties, especially if they participate in political activities or advocate for various causes.

As users seek more security, end-to-end encryption has become a new mandate for messaging apps.

With Twitter being the social media network of journalists the world over, it's increasingly important that the platform offers more security to its users.

It is not yet clear whether the feature would be available for desktop Twitter users, or if it would only be used in the app.

The code for the unreleased encryption option was found in the software's APK files.

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