USA city police apologises for National Basketball Association player's arrest

USA city police apologises for National Basketball Association player's arrest

USA city police apologises for National Basketball Association player's arrest

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales arrives to issue a statement in conjunction with the release of police body camera video of the January 26, 2018 tasering arrest of Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 23, 2018.

Morales says officers "acted inappropriately" and that those officers had recently been disciplined.

Lucas said since the Brown body camera video was released, issues such as the escalation of the situation, the use of force and the large police response are issues expected to be discussed in court. A physical confrontation ensued as officers questioned Brown about the parking violation, ending with cops wrestling him to the ground before using a taser and handcuffing him.

Moments later, officers are heard telling Brown to take his hands out of his pockets.

"I am sorry this incident escalated to this level", said Morales in the statement.

Following the video's release, Brown said he wanted "peaceful support to ensure no further damage to our community".

"There are no easy solutions to this problem, but there are strides that can be made to create change", Brown said.

The relationship between the Milwaukee Police Department and the communities it serves - especially minority communities - has often been strained. Brown was not charged with a crime as a result of the incident, which prompted an internal affairs investigation.

"I believe that this is a situation that could have been defused, and obviously it wasn't", he said.

Brown said in his statement that, "Black men shouldn't have to have their guard up and instantly be on the defensive when seeing a police officer, but it's a reality and a real problem". "Sterling has our full support as he shares his story and takes action to provide accountability", it said.

"I mean, I get mad every time I watch it, you know, 'cause I was defenseless, pretty much", Brown, a Maywood native and Proviso East alumnus, told Roberts for a segment airing Friday on "Good Morning America".

"If this guy hadn't been such [an idiot], it would've been 'Hey, have a nice day.' But then I thought, 'Oh, he is being an ass, he is trying to hide something.' And now he's like 'I'm a Bucks player, '" the first officer on the scene can be heard explaining to his colleagues after Brown had been tasered.

"Unfortunately, this isn't an isolated case".

The hashtag #StandWithSterling quickly started trending on social media, as video of the January incident over a parking violation started circulating online. By the end of the video, Brown is back on his feet and identifies himself as a Bucks player.

"I'm going to let the release of that speak for itself, but yes, I definitely have concerns after watching that video", Barrett told reporters Monday.

"There needs to be more accountability", the team statement went on to say. Brown went on to play in an National Basketball Association game that same day. ESPN has requested that footage but, it was not released Wednesday.

Following the release of the footage, Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales apologized for the conduct of his officers. Thankfully, both the department's chief and Mayor Tom Barrett have weighed in on the despicable incident.

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