V4.0 Patch Notes - Season 4 is HERE!

Fortnite down for Season 4

EPIC GAMESFortnite down for Season 4

The update also brings some map changes for the Battle Royale mode, but Tilted Towers - a skyscraper-filled city in the center of the island - has survived. The Battle Pass offers 100 tiers of rewards including various cosmetic items, emotes and sprays. And to keep its massive playerbase engaged, to keep Drake and Ninja happy, Fortnite is shaking things up in its latest update.

Fortnite Omega is set to be one of the main Fortnite skins fans will be hoping to unlock from the Fortnite season 4 Battle Pass.

So what's new? Well how about a dang comet. The Battle Pass has its fair share with Popcorn and some weird dance available on the free tier and a popcorn emote on the paid tier fairly early on. After teasing observant players with ominous sky patterns, a comet fell from the sky and struck the ground.

While it is not known if the Comet shards have led to the rise of the super heros, the Hop Rocks do provide gravity defying jumping abilities to players who consume them. Maybe we should get ready to see a cinematic that's going to introduce the superhero which managed to break the meteor in pieces?

That's not the only change the comet brings, though. At the crater, players can find what Epic is calling Hop Rocks. But if craters aren't exciting enough, there's also a brand-new drive-in theater called Risky Reels in the northeast corner, which will hopefully stop everyone from landing in Dusty Divot.

Want a sneaky peak at a bunch of new skins for Fortnite Season 4? But that doesn't appear to be the case. The area is filled with small structures, trucks, and tons of loot. Nevertheless, the curtain has been raised, the secret is out and it's pretty nice to see Epic Games treating the Fortnite map as a living object, changing it as time goes by.

You need to be logged in to post a comment. There are ten weeks in a Fortnite season, so thankfully, you'll only have to finish seven of the weeks to obtain Blockbuster.

Across all platforms, the crossbow's been vaulted, hitbox detection has been polished up, and you can now destroy buildings on the starting island if, uh, that was something that's been annoying you since day one.

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