Vettel happy racing alongside Raikonnen at Ferrari

Vettel happy racing alongside Raikonnen at Ferrari

Vettel happy racing alongside Raikonnen at Ferrari

"Literally cruising. So it wasn't really racing".

"If that was exciting for you to watch, no problem".

"It was a bit boring, the race", said Vettel.

"I think I can show more emotion today than yesterday", said Ricciardo, who became the first pole-sitter to win in Monaco since 2014. He in a auto that is capable of winning this grand prix and that will hurt him even more.

"The tyres were not great but we were all driving so slow", Hamilton told Channel 4.

Pole-sitter Ricciardo got off to a clean start and managed to maintain his lead ahead of Vettel and Hamilton.

"I would love to have this feeling going into every race, that we really genuinely believe we've got a chance to win", he said.

Vettel mentioned his battles with Hamilton, and beforehand Fernando Alonso, have given him probably the most enjoyment over time. It was, I've lost power, what do I do? Oh my God, yes. Oh my God, it was long.

"Then your brake temperatures go out of control, then the fuel, tires going off and he just managed it like he was on a Sunday afternoon drive. When it finished, I was like, "thank goodness".

"I have to say, both auto crews - Daniel's crew as well steaming in - doing everything they could to make it happen but today unfortunately it wasn't to be", lamented the Red Bull team boss.

"I was thinking back to when he joined us, where he's blessed to have three children now and he's built a number of businesses and has certain responsibilities", Kraft said, per The Boston Globe. "On a track like Montreal, this would be a two-stop".

Pointing to Ricciardo's passing abilities in China and his car/race management this weekend, Horner says Ricciardo has now got to be considered the complete driver.

Pirelli was tasked before the 2017 season with producing tyres that were more durable and on which drivers could push harder during races.

"For those who ask me if I am afraid of [Hamilton] then no", added Vettel, earlier than joking, "he is not taller than me, I do not suppose he is heavier than me, so in boxing phrases I am not afraid".

Ricciardo said the auto felt better than last year's, and more like the one he had in 2016. If they want to push, we need to produce more consistent tyres, less sensitive to overheating, so that they can push.

"Maybe we go 1-2 percent change in the race, at least for us".

"They're telling me on the intercom we're going to have to retire the auto in one or two laps".

"Outdoors the monitor, outdoors the automotive, I discover it much more fulfilling when you have mutual respect and simply no pointless stuff to waste your vitality on", mentioned the Ferrari driver, who at present trails Hamilton by 17 factors after 5 races of the 2018 season.

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