Volunteers help efforts to "Stamp Out Hunger" in Tennessee Valley

Volunteers help efforts to

Volunteers help efforts to "Stamp Out Hunger" in Tennessee Valley

Then place the bag by your mailbox and between the carriers and Rotarians, the bags will be picked up and delivered to the food pantry over the course of the day on Saturday. Residents were encouraged to leave non-perishable, non-breakable and non-expired food at their mailboxes.

Davis bourne, board chairman of Harvest Hope, says it's an easy way to help those in need.

Volunteers with the SCV Food Pantry collect donations for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive?

Last year, letter carriers collected 75.3 million pounds of food from 10,000 cities and towns.

On May 12 help "Stamp Out Hunger" by participating in the Letter Carriers' Food Drive.

As letter carriers, Richard Hatzenbuhler says they see the need to fill hungry bellies almost every day while on the job.

"We tend to see that our donations, actual monetary and food donations tail off a little bit in the summer months", Wes Buchholz with Crosslines said. The goal for the 26th annual drive is to collect 300,000 pounds of food. "We have counties that we serve that practically have food deserts in them and we're trying to get food out to everybody we can".

Western NY communities donated over 1.3 million pounds of food for their neighbors in the 2017 NALC Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

With New Mexico ranked as one of the hungriest states in the nation, Roadrunner officials say food drives like this help keep their shelves stocked at a time when they constantly need to be replenished.

Every donation makes a difference, and all of the donations really add up. Canned fruits and vegetables, whole grain, low sugar cereals, macaroni and cheese dinners and 100 percent fruit juice also tops the list of the most needed items.

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