Water rescue underway after possible gator attack on 15-year-old

Water rescue underway after possible gator attack on 15-year-old

Florida teenager reported missing in possible gator attack

"We did not witness anyone in the water but we have a witness, a very credible witness, who saw someone flailing about in the water and at some point making a statement saying, it bit me it bit me", said Jeff Williamson with the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

A 15-year-old is believed to be missing in a possible gator attack at a lake in Orlando, Florida.

This is a developing story.

Deputies cleared the scene after it got dark and said they would be back in the morning to continue looking for the boy, who was possibly attacked by an alligator.

The sheriff's office, Orange County Fire Rescue and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission responded to conduct a search of the pond.

A body recovered Thursday from a central Florida pond was not the boy reportedly pulled under water by a gator the day before, officials said.

The caller also said he heard the person scream "it bit me, it bit me", Williamson said.

Eric Wolfe informed 911 dispatchers on Wednesday he watched a teenager equaling his arms at the water along with crying before going under roughly 20 meters (18 meters) from shore.

Neighbors said alligators have moved into the pond over the past several years. Crime tape blocked areas around the lake, according to WKMG.

Authorities told local media that the alligator was six feet long - too small to inflict serious damage on a human, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The lake that had the most gators overall was Lake George, located on the St. Johns River. No further updates at this time.

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