Windows 10 Now Runs On 700 Million Devices

Windows 10 Now Runs On 700 Million Devices

Windows 10 Now Runs On 700 Million Devices

The software giant described its mission at the conference this way: "to help every developer be an AI developer". Microsoft also announced a partnership with GitHub which integrates Visual Studio App Center on the platform. In Seattle, at the company's Build conference, the company is opening up new APIs and tying deeper into SharePoint as well.

Microsoft will collaborate with drone company DJI to develop commercial drone solutions for sectors including agriculture, construction and public safety, seeking to extend Windows 10 and the Microsoft Azure platform to new devices and industrial applications. The offering is aimed at bringing AI to solutions for the edge and will be available next year.

The above quote came from a Monday press release introducing some of the newest features that Microsoft believes will help developers take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI). The camera can also power advanced Azure services, such as machine learning, stream analytics and cognitive services, that can be downloaded from the cloud to run locally on the edge.

Microsoft's Visual Studio comes with "Live Share" capability allowing developers to edit in real time with tools like Visual Studio 2017 and VS Code. But it's nice to see that Microsoft is still actively developing on the Kinect platform.

"The era of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge is upon us", said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft. "Using our new SDK, Windows developers will soon be able to employ drones, AI and machine learning technologies to create intelligent flying robots that will save businesses time and money, and help make drone technology a mainstay in the workplace". In addition, the new Windows Machine Learning platform will let developers create machine-learning models in the cloud, and deploy them offline to Windows.

Not only will the Microsoft Launcher updated support enterprise customers, the launcher will also support the new Windows 10 Timeline for "cross-device application launching".

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