Windows 10 will let you Alt+Tab between browser tabs and apps

Windows 10 will let you Alt+Tab between browser tabs and apps

Windows 10 will let you Alt+Tab between browser tabs and apps

Where to start? "Microsoft recommends first fixing CVE-2018-8174, then to focus on all browser updates, and then turn your attention to Hyper-V", says Gill Langston, director of product management at Qualys, in a blog post.

Microsoft also introduced some changes to "Sets" by bringing acrylic title bar, adjusting the window border to grey colour, introducing if users want to open new apps and websites in a new tab or new window and even adding recent Microsoft Edge tabs in the Alt + Tab mode.

Microsoft has pushed updates to many systems with Intel SSDs already, but it advises impacted users to roll back to Windows 10 version 1709, which you can do by hitting F8 during the boot process and restoring the previous version of the operating system.

This new Clipboard feature, informally named "Cloud Clipboard", does require a Microsoft account, as well as your permission to save the data within Microsoft.

You can pin an item to the top to access it quickly; the option to pin an item is quite useful if you find yourself pasting text or an image throughout the day regularly (e.g. your email address, an email signature, phone number.). You can get it by going to Settings Update & Security Windows Update Check for Updates.

More Redstone 5 features are coming down the pipe for Windows 10 Insiders a new dark mode and a cloud clipboard. If you don't recall, Sets is Microsoft's way of adding tabs to full-fledged Windows apps; the idea is that you can group together different apps for a single project the way you group tabs in your browser windows. The new cloud-based Clipboard is viewable with the shortcut keys WIN + V and can be accessed across any PC with this build of Windows or higher.

Third-party clipboard tools that extend the Clipboard are popular applications on Windows and it seems likely that Microsoft will please part of the userbase with the improved Clipboard that it plans to integrate in Windows 10 natively. The dark theme supports the File Explorer context menu too.

Windows 10's default note-taking app, Notepad, is getting new search on Bing functionality. All you need to do is highlight a word or phrase, and right-click.

The most serious of the two is tied to a Windows 10 VBScript engine and can be triggered when a victim visits a malicious website. Notepad now also supports Unix/Linux/Mac line endings, as teased earlier this week.

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