YouTube to launch new music streaming service

YouTube to launch new music streaming service

YouTube to launch new music streaming service

The new YouTube Music follows a similar model to Spotify, with a free, ad-based version or a Premium subscription for Dollars 9.99 per month. According to the announcement, YouTube Music will include thousands of playlists, the official versions of millions of songs, albums, artist radio and more, in addition to music videos.

The ad-supported version of YouTube Music will be free, the premium service without ads will costs $9.99 a month.

YouTube Music's big selling point is that it uses all the things Google already knows about you to offer a more personal music streaming experience. YouTube Red, the ad-free video service, will be renamed YouTube Premium, and include the music experience for an extra United States dollars 2 in monthly price. If you already subscribe to YouTube Red, your price stays the same.

With the video network taking the lead on the new joint offering, a revamped YouTube Music is launching today.

This is YouTube Music, a new music streaming service with which Google hopes to make a niche for itself in the sector.

Cohen and Fowler also emphasized that Tuesday's rollout will be a soft launch and the service will develop over the coming weeks. It's particularly popular in emerging markets where you can see YouTube listeners on public transport or other moments that Spotify and co would want to own.

Instead, Google Play Music subscribers will automatically get access to YouTube Music Premium. "If there was ever a company that could build a successful subscription business, it would be YouTube", Lyor Cohen, YouTube's head of music, said this week in an interview.

Previous reports suggested that the service, thought to have been called YouTube Remix, would replace Google Play Music.

Confused? Well, essentially YouTube has made it possible for customers to opt for music only. Google Play Music is not going anywhere soon.

YouTube Premium will come with advantages like a totally ad-free experience, desktop playback and the ability to download content for offline media consumption.

The app's home screen will offer customisable videos and music options, based on location, surroundings and listening/viewing history. "You'll still be able to access all of your purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always".

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