AMD has announced the release of a 32-core processor

Intel pulls a surprise with 28-core CPU at Computex

AMD has announced the release of a 32-core processor

AMD has aimed their pitch at those gamers and artists looking for an all-in-one solution at a much lower cost, a value proposition that delivers equal results in many regards while delivering a price point of half or less of a competing Intel offering.

According to CEO Lisa Su, AMD's second generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs are "on track" for launch in Q3 2018.

When AMD first demoed Threadripper past year, keen-eyed enthusiasts soon realized the chip packed two "real" Zen die, with eight cores each, but also two "dummy" die that were simply meant to stabilize the overall package.

AMD will be launching several new models including a staggering 32-core and 64-threads processor. Most notably it caries over the same improvements as the 2nd Gen Ryzen Zen+ architecture, and 12nm manufacture process, so there will be clock boosts, memory timing adjustments, and all that good stuff. We've already seen the mainstream side of things with the Ryzen 2000 Series processors, and now at an event at Computex 2018, AMD has just announced its second-generation Ryzen Threadripper family. AMD confirmed that Threadripper 2 will be able to fit on the same motherboard socket as the first generation of Threadripper so that users don't need to buy a new motherboard if they want to just upgrade to the second generation chip.

Fortunately, AMD stated that the new CPU will be compatible with current X399 motherboards, so you won't have to spend more for that. AMD didn't show any Cinebench numbers though. The CPU will have 64 threads and is scheduled for launch in the third quarter of 2018.

Unfortunately, most of AMD's graphics presentation was highlighting the past, present and future contributions of partners.

Briefly on show was the Vega 56 Nano which will be released soon by Powercolor.

AMD originally planned to release 12nm GPUs, which it announced a year ago, but made the strategic decision to remove those products from the roadmap and skip to the 7nm process instead.

Mini versions of AMD cards have been pretty impressive in the past and this is the first mini card from AMD in the new RX Vega series. It will be complemented with an open software ecosystem for machine learning, Wang said.

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