Apple Finally Admits to MacBook Keyboard Design Flaw

Apple Finally Admits to MacBook Keyboard Design Flaw

Apple Finally Admits to MacBook Keyboard Design Flaw

The company's new "keyboard service program" pledges to replace individual keys and - whenever it's necessary - entire keyboards on certain, more recent MacBook models.

The company said in a statement that the issue affects as "small percentage of keyboards" in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models. On the positive side, Apple likely chose the new design primarily because it saved space for other components in the machines, and some users feel that they're faster to type on than other keyboards because of the very shallow, clicky keys. Covered computers include the 12-inch MacBook going back to early 2015 all the way up to 2017 models of both 13- and 15-inch sizes of the MacBook Pro. Also, the MacBooks covered under the fix plan include models with and without the Touch Bar.

United States tech giant Apple yesterday agreed to launch a service programme to fix "sticky" keyboard problems for free, reported China's Xinhua news agency.

Worse, the butterfly keyboard design is endemic unreliable.

Apple had created the new butterfly keyboard switch mechanism that was claimed to be 40 percent thinner than the scissor switches used in most keyboards, apart from being more stable. If any keyboard repairs are necessary, they'll be provided at no cost. Another incident happened when iPhone 4 users complained about no signals on their phones, to which Apple provided a solution by handing free "bumper" cases to the users. If you already paid for those repairs, Apple is issuing refunds.

Apple forums are overflowing with reports of Geniuses who have told customers that Apple is "collecting data" on the issue.

Apple said the problems involved only a "small percentage" of laptop keyboards. Snell called for a recall if the problem was pervasive as it seemed. If a laptop has other damage that has to be fixed before the keyboard can be replaced, Apple said in its service program page that a charge may apply.

To take advantage of the program, Apple suggests visiting any Apple authorized service provider, an Apple retail store, or mailing the device to the Apple Repair Center - details can be found here.

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