Apple, where's the smarter Siri in iOS 12?

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With Dark Mode enabled the built-in Mac apps like Mail, Messages, Maps, Calendar and Photos also appear on screen with a darker look.

Another new visual feature in Mojave is "Dynamic Desktop", which changes the desktop wallpaper based on the time of day.

Stacks is all about eliminating clutter.

"Stacks" is a feature that will help organise and declutter the desktop for people who have icons scattered all around their desktop and categorise them into groups which are essentially referred to as stacks. Stacks are essentially folders that are dedicated to certain file types, however, the different between stacks and folders is that stacks automatically collect files that should go into them. Finder now has a gallery view that allows for a better look at images, documents, and videos. As you'd expect, it doesn't just change the color of the current app, but also all the surrounding chrome, the toolbar at the top of the screen, and the launcher. Finder also gets quick actions which allow you to do quick actions such as create password-protected PDFs and run Automator actions directly from it.

macOS gets iOS apps: The apps are News, Voice Memo, Stocks, and Home all of which gets a new home in the macOS Mojave.

The macOS Mojave system restricts apps from accessing information on your device or controlling your camera and microphone. Whether utilizing video or audio, additional parties can be added at any time.

Apple had recently revamped their iOS app store, so a desktop renovation of the App Store was kinda expected. New and updated apps are highlighted in the Discover tab, while tabs for Create, Work, Play, and Develop aid in locating certain apps for a specific objective.

The goal of the beta period, again, is for developers to test their applications and services on the latest versions of macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Federighi said that Voice Memos will be coming to macOS.

In light of recent privacy breach by social media giant Facebook, the new Mojave update will make it harder for social media sites from tracking users without permission.

The iOS 12 update will be available to all devices going as far back as the iPhone 5S and the iPad Mini 2.

But while the addition of a Dark Mode and Stacks in macOS are the more flashy features announced earlier today, the one that has developers all giddy is the addition of new features to the app developer framework to support iOS apps on the macOS desktop in the future.

Microsoft will be bringing Office 365 to the Mac App Store, while Adobe will be bringing Lightroom CC to the store as well. Mojave includes improved security and privacy revolving around enhancements to Safari.

The feature also allows users to limit their time on an app.

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