Apple will now offer group FaceTime chats, more animojis for users

Apple will now offer group FaceTime chats, more animojis for users

Apple will now offer group FaceTime chats, more animojis for users

With concerns growing over our smartphone addictions, Apple is introducing a tool to help users better manage their time on their devices.

App notifications are also getting a facelift.

Now, there's a new activity report for parents and kids that shows how much time is spent using the device and the apps, and parents will have the option of creating screen time allowances for kids.

Last month, Google revealed plans to force Android phones into "shush" mode when placed face down on a table and have the screen show only greyscale colors late at night. Experts worry that all the flashy colors and beeps give users short-term, feel-good rewards while increasing stress in the long run.

It has also introduced a new feature to iOS 12.

One of the expected highlights of Apple's 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference starting this morning in San Jose is a new iPhone feature that helps you use your iPhone less.

And here's how Apple turned down the most important request by this guy!

The announcements come in the wake of several reports on the addictive nature of mobile devices.

Apple also intends to crack down on data companies' ability to identify specific devices by creating a unique fingerprint based on a device's settings, installed fonts and plug-ins.

Apple is trying to cut the number of software bugs with this year's upgrade. According to Apple, watchOS 5 will drop support for the original Apple Watch. The company started that effort a year ago when it built AR tools into most iPhones and iPads; by contrast, Google had limited that to niche Android phone models.

Apple said its popular FaceTime service can now include up to 32 people in a video call.

A revamped Stock tracking app with Apple News integration.

To recall, Apple had launched the first generation Apple watch in 2015. But before that, Apple's released a set of teasers with all the information we need to see what's up. In January, major shareholders wrote a letter to Apple hoping to persuade the Cupertino company to add more parental controls as well as explore the impact of excessive phone use on mental health. When a friend receives photos from an event, Apple will then suggest that the friend reciprocate with photos from the same event.

Some observers on social media said the updated Photos app is similar to Google Photos.

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