California ER doctor seen on video mocking patient suspended

California ER doctor seen on video mocking patient suspended

California ER doctor seen on video mocking patient suspended

An emergency room doctor in California has been suspended after she was reportedly caught on camera berating a man who was suffering from an anxiety attack and claiming he couldn't breathe.

Samuel Bardwell, a 20-year-old student at West Valley College in Saratoga, made a trip to the El Camino Hospital Los Gatos after passing out during a basketball practice on June 11, The Mercury News reported.

In an interview with SFGate, Donald Bardwell explained that his son has an existing history of anxiety attacks, for which he takes Klonopin, a sedative used by people who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and seizures.

The Mercury News also interviewed West Valley basketball coach Scott Eitelgeorge, who said that Samuel, who stands 6-foot-9, "wasn't looking too good" and appeared to have a particularly severe anxiety attack, having stepped out after just five minutes or so of basketball practice.

Donald Bardwell told KPIX-TV that this was the worst attack he's seen his son experience.

The video shows Keegstra doubting Samuel Bardwell's account of what happened to him and also trying to force the man to sit up by pulling at his arm.

"Bardwell, who is 7'1" tall, told NBC Bay Area he waited three hours to see a doctor, and, when Keegstra finally did show up, she was accompanied by a security guard. Donald asked her what she meant by "you people".

Efforts by ABC News to reach Keegsta for comment were not immediately successful.

The hospital released a statement saying, "This week, a patient who visited the emergency department at our Los Gatos campus had an interaction with a physician whose demeanor was unprofessional and not the standard we require of all who provide care through El Camino Hospital. Please know that we take this matter very seriously and the contracted physician involved has been removed from the work schedule, pending further investigation".

In the video, Bardwell is heard telling the doctor that Samuel had vomited and "was going in an out of consciousness" during the episode. I said, 'Please, dad, can you please take out your phone?

"Did I say I need narcotics?"

Donald Bardwell protests, and Keegstra says his son's oxygen saturation levels are at 100 percent.

Bradwell's father, Donald, recorded the video at El Camino Hospital.

"You want us to wheel you to your house in the gurney?" the doctor quips, before laughing at Bardwell as he says it's hard for him to inhale.

Dr. Keegstra was under contract at the hospital, employed through a company called Vituity.

In a statement, the hospital told ABC News, "We have expressed our honest apologies and are working directly with the patient on this matter".

"Here we go", says Donald Bardwell. Keegstra said in the video. "I came in here wanting to help you and you're just, you're turning your story around, you're changing your story, you're saying one thing and then you're telling me another thing".

For now, Dr. Keegstra's actions have resulted in her suspension.

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