DOJ offers new briefing as lawmakers dispute Trump spy claim

DOJ offers new briefing as lawmakers dispute Trump spy claim

DOJ offers new briefing as lawmakers dispute Trump spy claim

"I think Chairman Gowdy's initial assessment is accurate, but we have more digging to do", Ryan said.

Ryan also noted that he has seen no evidence of collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, which special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating.

Speaker Paul Ryan disputed President Trump's attacks on the Justice Department and their handling of an ongoing investigation into his 2016 presidential campaign, telling reporters he's seen "no evidence" to back up Trump's claims that his operation was spied on by the federal government. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said after the briefing that he learned "nothing particularly surprising".

Tucker Carlson debated President George W. Bush's former ethics lawyer, who is running for Senate as a Democrat, over whether the FBI's actions against the Trump campaign constitute "spying". "I won't keep commenting".

Ryan said: "I don't know the technical answer to that question but obviously he shouldn't". After Ryan's remarks, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr - who was briefed with Ryan and other top lawmakers on the informant last month - said Gowdy's analysis was correct. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., demanded documents on the informant and its contact with Trump campaign officials, while Trump dubbed the matter "spygate" and said it was "starting to look like one of the biggest political scandals in US history".

Nunes of California told Fox News on Sunday that the FBI "actually targeted a political campaign that was Donald Trump, and that's where I think -- even though Mr. Gowdy believes that the president's not a target of this investigation, his campaign is and that's where I think the challenge occurs".

The comments came as Mueller's investigation, which includes possible illegal obstruction of the Russian Federation probe by the president, entered its second year.

"In all of this, in any of this, there has been no evidence that there is any collusion between the Trump campaign and".

In another tweet he called Mueller's appointment by the Department of Justice in 2017 "totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL".

The investigation has so far made no allegations against the president himself. "You know what I'm saying?"

"Today for the first time I was hearing colleagues say, 'Well, Speaker Ryan won't stand with us in this fight over the essentials of our democracy, not weaponizing the intelligence community against the presidential campaign".

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