EA Teases Sea of Solitude with Beautiful Trailer During EA Play

Sea of Solitude Reveals Trailer and Story Details at E3 2018

'Sea of Solitude' pits players against overwhelming loneliness

EA announced a new game, called "Sea of Solitude", at its E3 conference on Saturday.

A creepy trailer for upcoming EA Original Sea of Solitude stole the show during EA's presentation today, propelling #SeaofSolitude to trend on Twitter with more than 23,000 mentions. That's what happened to Kay.

As Kay, you explore Sea of Solitude's handsome, flooded, monster-infested world in search of answers. Luckily she is surrounded by an ocean full of creatures just like her, creatures that may hold the key to changing her back.

Developed by Jo-Mei, the game follows a character named Kay who is transformed into a monster after suffering from loneliness. Her journey is nothing short of challenging since monsters lurk everywhere she goes. Given what unfolds in the first teaser trailer below, this seems to be a fair assessment of Sea of Solitude. Kay must explore a partially submerged city in order to find the cure for herself, and possibly everyone else as well. We'll find out when Sea of Solitude releases in early 2019.

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