Google is planning to start bumping users over to the new Gmail

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Google is planning to start bumping users over to the new Gmail

After that last four-week stretch, users will be pushed to the new Gmail permanently with no option to opt-out.

While G Suite admins will have the option to allow their users to opt out of using the new web client (at least temporarily), Google will require all users to start using the new Gmail before the end of the year.

Google notes that it'll automatically transition users to the new Gmail about eight weeks after the general release.

Today, Google posted its schedule for rolling out the redesigned Gmail experience to G Suite users.

The new Gmail redesign will be the law of the land by October for G Suite users.

The new Gmail redesign, love it or hate it, will eventually be the default look for all users. If you prefer the old design, or just aren't ready to make the change quite yet, you can open the Settings menu and click "Go back to classic Gmail". The opt-out will also no longer be available to users who've moved to the new Gmail already.

In April, Google unveiled a new design for Gmail, which features a more modern look, advanced security features, artificial intelligence, and more integrations with other G Suite apps.

Google's Gmail update was focused on AI-powered productivity improvements, such as suggested replies, as well as collaboration, and security. For a period of time, users will still have the option to opt out (see below for more details).

If you don't like the new Gmail experience, you probably won't have a choice in the matter come Fall.

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