Hands-on with the new Home app & HomeKit Siri control on macOS 10.14

Christoph Dernbach  DPA via ZUMA

Christoph Dernbach DPA via ZUMA

Less than 24 hours before Apple's conference, the New York Times reported that Facebook's data-sharing partnerships with device makers, including Apple, were still in effect despite Facebook's claim that they'd cut off such data sharing in 2015.

A new feature called Siri Shortcuts allows users to create customized actions for Siri, to be triggered by certain phrases; and Apple has launched new APIs to help developers take advantage of this functionality.

As a quick refresher, Apple introduced new privacy tools within Safari that aims to reduce tracking across websites.

At the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, California, on Monday, Apple's software VP Craig Federighi said the new features of their web browser, Safari, will be safe from prying from social media sites.

With iOS 12, Apple is doing its best to curb smartphone addiction and give users more tools to quantify just how much time is spent on our iOS devices.

Parents can also remotely schedule when Downtime is active, essentially locking a child out of all iOS devices at bedtime.

All of these upgrades will be available later in the year with Apple expected to released iOS 12 in September alongside its next generation of iPhones. "Ultimately, Apple might be able to sell more phones by telling people, "Our phones come with these structures that allow you to not spend so much time on your phone'".

"This is beyond remarkable", Cook said, noting that the online App Store will be 10 years old in July. Apple is taking aim at Facebook's Like buttons, Disqus comments widgets and other third-party APIs that can be used for data collection, tracking and ad targeting. Once your time limit is up, you are locked out of the app until the following day.

"We have never been about maximizing the number of times you pick [the phone] up, the number of hours that you use it", Cook said.

Now, Apple is raising the bar to allow for 32 simultaneous FaceTime users.

In iOS 12, the Photos app will now display search suggestions when a user is looking for a specific picture, based on things that appear in the photo, including cars, dogs and flowers.

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