Health officials link pre-cut melon to salmonella outbreak in MI

The CDC is advising people in five states to throw away pre-cut melon from certain stores after a salmonella outbreak. ] from Wikimedia Commons

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The outbreak includes Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.

Fruit salad containing melon purchased at Walmart, Kroger, Jay C or Payless stores in the affected states.

The agency is conducting an investigation, and preliminary evidence indicated that pre-cut melon supplied by Caito Foods, LLC of Indianapolis, Indiana is a likely source of the multistate outbreak.

- The CDC has issued a warning after a group of pre-cut melon products may have led to the hospitalization of over 30 people for salmonella infections.

IDPH is urging people not to eat pre-cut melon purchased from any Walmart store in IL, or any of the other affected states, at this time. The illness usually lasts four to seven days, and most people recover without treatment.

A new salmonella outbreak is linked to pre-cut melons sold at Illinois Walmart stores.

Consumers who do not remember what store their pre-cut melon was purchased from should also discard it.

The individuals who became ill said they ate pre-cut cantaloupe, watermelon or a fruit salad mix that contained melon.

No deaths have been confirmed to date, but 31 percent of the people infected had to be hospitalized. If you have eaten a contaminated pre-cut melon and experience diarrhea, fever and cramps go see a doctor immediately.

The CDC says Walmart has already removed linked pre-cut melons from shelves. The elderly, infants and people with compromised immune systems have the highest risk for serious illness.

The investigation into the outbreak is expanding rapidly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say there's no need to avoid whole melon at this point.

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