Instagram Releases Update Allowing Videos Up To 1 Hour Long

Instagram Releases Update Allowing Videos Up To 1 Hour Long

Instagram Releases Update Allowing Videos Up To 1 Hour Long

IGTV may pay off in the long-term as a result, but it's too early to tell whether Instagram's 1 billion-strong user base will flock to the new app.

Instagram has launched IGTV at an event in San Francisco featuring numerous Instagram creators.

"We launched IGTV (a button inside the Instagram home screen, as well as a standalone app) at an event featuring numerous Instagram creators who'll make it great", the company wrote in a blog post late on Wednesday. This compares to Instagram video posts which are capped at the one-minute mark, or Instagram Stories which can contain 15-second long video snippets.

IGTV will soon be integrated into Instagram, with new IGTV bubbles appearing on the profiles of people you follow.

As you watch, you can like videos, leave a comment, and follow others. However, the discover feature is available when you swipe up. Instead of the photos and short clips you're used to, you will now see extensive videos from IGTV users on the Explore tab. Anyone can upload IGTV videos from the app or the web to start their own channel. All this will likely be revealed as the service rolls out "over the next few weeks" on Android and iOS. Also like TV, IGTV has channels.

"Younger audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators and less time with professionals", Instagram said in a blog post. But, in IGTV, the creators are the channels.

Many social influencers have already uploaded to IGTV to get a feel for the new feature.

Instagram just unveiled a new way to help it compete with the likes of YouTube and Snapchat.

Instagram (IG), a Facebook subsidiary, is apparently chasing after another business this time, as it recently released a new feature to the IG app. You will be able to easily share IGTV videos on Facebook, of course. Those who already have an Instagram account will have a channel created for them automatically.

It's free and you can start recording videos by yourself right away, just download it from Google Play and register an account.

IGTV is built for viewing on your phone, meaning videos are full screen and vertical.

Here's how users can access IGTV through Instagram and vice versa. The Following section shows videos posted by the user's followers.

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