Intel announces beastly 5GHz CPU, and teases 28-core model for later

Intel 28-core CPU

Intel announces beastly 5GHz CPU, and teases 28-core model for later

Something to look forward to: Intel has been showing off some of its new products at Computex, including the Core i7-8086K anniversary CPU that some retailers began listing last week, and a monstrous 28-core single-socket processor.

As previous reports suggested, the Intel Core i7-8068K the brand's most souped-up Coffee Lake desktop processor to date.

The limited edition chip is part of Intel's celebration of its 50th year as a company and the 40th year since it delivered the 8086 microprocessor. Intel calls the first-ever CPU to reach a 5.0GHz turbo frequency - and that's all without overclocking the chip. But the with the Core i7-8086K, Intel has chose to roll its sleeves up and push its chip hard.

The chip will ship on 8 June, with Intel offering a chance for its fans to win one of the limited edition Core i7s. During the Intel keynote, a GIGABYTE motherboard was used to run it at 5GHz.

This new Intel Low Power Display Technology when combined with the one watt panel manufactured by Sharp and Innolux, can cut LCD power consumption by half. Intel's current top-end Core i9-7980XE, with a now pathetic 18 cores, is a $2000 CPU.

But if and when the chip does make its debut, it'll snatch pole position as the more core-leaden processors available in the consumer market; chips with more cores are around but they're more for tiresome data centre use. The chip manufacturer also announced plans to release a 28-core, 5GHz chip later in the year.

The Core i7-8086K has been unveiled nearly exactly 40 years after the launch of Intel's original 8086 processor, although the newer version will be overclockable and sports much more impressive specifications.

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