IOS 12 Public Beta Now Available; Here’s How to Download It

IOS 12 Public Beta Now Available; Here’s How to Download It

IOS 12 Public Beta Now Available; Here’s How to Download It

But don't forget, it's a beta.

Once the iTunes logo appears on the device's screen, an iTunes popup on the computer will let you know a device in recovery mode has been discovered and ask if you want to Restore or Update the device. Even so, we can't in good conscience recommend that you download the Public Beta on your daily iPhone or iPad. You can then download the relevant profile and the iOS 12 beta can then be installed by going to Settings General Software Update on your device. The first public beta should roughly correspond to the second developer beta, released last week.

Now that you've downloaded iOS 12, get ready for its many benefits, including improved performance.

Choose to download and install the software and you'll be all set. Proceed with extreme caution. From there, you'll need to enroll your device at this link.

How to sign up: To get started, head to and get an early access account. Unlike the developer betas, which can have major bugs that interfere with core features, Apple's public betas are generally more stable (but not completely bug-free).

Perhaps the coolest thing about iOS 12 is that it'll be compatible with every device that supports iOS 11. Apple is expected to roll out iOS 12 later this year. If you have an iPhone 6 or an iPad Air for instance, you should see a big improvement when it comes to launching apps, triggering the camera and entering text.

Further, Do Not Disturb's new "bedtime" feature will ensure no Candy Crush notifications wake you up, while support for grouped notifications will reduce the amount of time you're distracted by pop-ups. There are also updates to the Stocks app, Siri, Augmented Reality (AR), and iMessage. Naturally, the INQUIRER has shunned Apple's advice, so expect to find us tweeting about how our iPhone X has gone to Borksville later today.

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