Leaked concept art of Avengers 4 reveals team roster and uniforms

MARVELAvengers 4 Is THIS the fate of Captain America

MARVELAvengers 4 Is THIS the fate of Captain America

An alleged new piece of concept art for Avengers 4 reveals a brand new look for Thanos.

According to Deadline, China granted Avengers: Infinity War an official extension, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster now in theaters across the country until July 9.

What do you think this leaked promotional art from Avengers 4 entails? Black Widow has got a hair makeover again as her hair has returned to red color from blonde as seen in Infinity War. For example, the Incredible Hulk's Slip-On features a graphic of his larger-than-life green toes ripping through a pair of checkerboard Vans.

Who needs superhero costumes when you can don some casual cosplay wearing new Vans shoes with designs showcasing the Avengers? The character designs are features on various silhouettes, including the Sk8-Hi, such as T'Challa's vibranium suit, the Classic Slip-On, which showcases Hulk's wonderful strength as his feet burst through, in addition to various depictions with the Slide-On sandal.

The absence of the Wasp from the promo art questions its authenticity as it has already been confirmed that Ant-Man and his companion Wasp will be making an appearance in the next Avengers movie. The huge ensemble cast including Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., Brie Larsen, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, and more are expected to return for the film to help defeat Thanos.

As for the location, the backdrop is likely more about tone than it is about a specific place, but at least parts of Avengers 4 are likely to happen off of planet Earth, which is probably part of the inspiration.

But what deserves particular scrutiny is Hulk's new suited-up look which indicate we may be seeing Bruce Banner in a new avatar as Professor Hulk.

So, let's talk about this photo, shall we?!

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