LeBron: No matter who wins Finals, no one wants White House invite

NBA Finals Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors

LeBron: No matter who wins Finals, no one wants White House invite

"Eagles my fave team".

"I'm exhausted of the narrative being about the anthem, about the White House or whatever", Jenkins told McManus following a meeting with public defenders from around the country on bail reform. "Was really excited", he said, adding, "disappointed in all of this".

The White House's whole rationale for holding the new event was, per the president's statement, that "the 1,000 fans planning to attend the event deserve better".

LeBron James made clear once again on Tuesday (June 5) that he isn't the biggest fan of President Donald Trump. President Trump eventually rescinded the team's invite. But it's good that guys are sticking to what they believe in and what they want to do.

"I want to take this opportunity to explain why young Americans stand for our national anthem". They are fighting for social justice. "It's only been now in the last decade and a half that athletes [have] been willing to speak out", Coakley said.

"I don't think [he's] actually kneeling", joked Arroyo of one robust anthem protestor. Trump has often blasted the NFL players who have kneeled for the national anthem, a protest that started in 2016 when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did so to protest racism and more specifically the killing of black men by police. "Unfortunately, only a small number of players chose to come, and we canceled the event".

"NFL, no escaping to Locker Rooms!", the President reiterated the point in a Twitter post on Tuesday morning.

The story that has dominated the headlines is the White House cancelling on the Eagles a day before the scheduled visit, accusing them of a "political stunt" by notifying the White House at the last minute that only a small contingent of players would attend.

"We will proudly be playing the National Anthem and other wonderful music celebrating our Country today at 3 P.M., The White House, with the United States Marine Band and the United States Army Chorus". Never during that time have I seen a group of players more dedicated to one another and the city in which they play. But Trump has zeroed in on the issue with unprecedented zeal.

The day after the Philadelphia Eagles' trip to the White House was called off by President Trump, Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr criticized a concept of patriotism that features "these military sing-a-longs at the White House to show how patriotic we are - even though we don't know the words". "I'm not surprised, It's typical of him", James told reporters Tuesday.

"I hope to be in that situation and win two more games where we win a championship, and obviously know what comes with that", he said.

After winning the 2017 National Basketball Association title, the Warriors stated that they meant to meet as a team to discuss a potential White House visit, which some players - including Curry - had already expressed hesitations about. Trump's attacks on the National Football League can serve as a teaching moment. "Talking about this is a good sign". Trust me, that's not always the case in pro sports.

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