MacOS 10.14 'Mojave' Revealed: All the features you need to know about

Image of Dumont Dunes in the Mojave Desert via NASA  JPL-CALTECH

Image of Dumont Dunes in the Mojave Desert via NASA JPL-CALTECH

Regular apps can be updated to support 64-bit systems in no time, if a developer wishes to.

For an advanced experience, the new Mac App Store features a Discover tab that lists in-depth editorials about the best Mac Apps through stories and collections. Quick Look, a feature that fires up when you select a file and tap spacebar, enables you to quickly edit all kinds of files. While macOS already features an optional dark mode it now only applies to the dock and menu bar rather than program interfaces, but Mojave will enable users to darken every part of the OS, including System Preferences, Messages, Mail, Photos, Apple Music and Xcode.

Over on Safari, Apple is also adding an option to block social networks such as Facebook or Twitter from tracking a user online using like buttons or similar implements.

Apple has announced the latest major version of macOS, named Mojave, at its WWDC 2018 event this week.

Finder upgrades were also on show, with a new "gallery view" previewed by Apple. Apple also announced that it has worked with Pixar to create a new AR file format, called USDZ, which makes it much easier to share across the iOS ecosystem. For starters, Apple's protections that check with users before granting app access are extending to the camera and microphone, as well as to sensitive aspects of the file system such as mail, messages, and backups. THere are also tabs for Create, Work, Play, and Develop to help users find the app they want.

Apple shared a preview video of the Xcode on the API that the Mac App Store uses behind-the-scenes was shared by the Steve Troughton Smith with 9to5Mac.

Most obviously, I'm curious to compare how Apple is updating its own legacy flagship platform so I can compare that to what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10. Great New Apps The Mac App Store already offers the largest catalog of Mac apps and even more great apps are joining. Finally, the new Categories section lets you easily browse through apps, look up reviews and access top charts. And Apple's News app is coming to Mac, as well as Stocks, Home, and Voice Memos.

Continuity Camera is a new feature in macOS Mojave and iOS 12 that allows you to open your iOS device's camera from your Mac, then immediately transfer the photo that was taken over to a document that you're working on.

With the new color scheme, Mac programs and controls will recede into the desktop's background, letting other content such as pictures, graphics, and video "pop" off the screen, Apple said during its developer conference on Monday.

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