Microsoft’s Latest Acquisition Is Kindling Out A Fresh Google Rivalry

Credit Flipgrid

Credit Flipgrid

Microsoft has announced that it has acquired Flipgrid, a social learning platform, and intends to leverage it to bring social learning to students around the globe. And although a fairly new company, Flipgrid is no stranger to schools with over 20 million users in 180 countries.

Microsoft officials said they intend to keep Flipgrid's original brand, culture and staff intact, but that the company would be aligned with Microsoft's compliance standards for GDPR, FERPA and COPPA. The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company specializes in incorporating video elements in various classrooms around the world, so that it could help educators build their students' love of learning. Now Microsoft will offer the service to schools for free, like it has done with Office 365 Education software, so customers who've purchased a subscription will receive a prorated refund.

That's an impressive figure, considering that Flipgrid was founded in 2015 and it has so far operated as a paid subscription service.

"Flipgrid has always been about the educator community". The acquisition strengthens Microsoft's educational offerings and helps it to better compete with rivals Google and Apple.

The acquisition comes almost two years after Microsoft announced a partnership with Flipgrid.

He revealed that Flipgrid is now used in various educational environments that range from preschool to post-graduate classrooms.

However, although the deal has been sealed, the terms of the same haven't been disclosed yet.

Some technology and business insiders believe that Microsoft is acquiring Flipgrid to take on Google in the education industry.

Eran Megiddo, corporate vice president of education at Microsoft, said in an interview that Flipgrid will continue to be integrated equally well with Microsoft hardware as with competitors such as Chromebooks and iPads. Each student gets to share in their own voice.

Flipgrid is a video platform for schools that seeks to increase student engagement in the learning process by allowing kids to create and share videos on specific topics and projects with one another.

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