Nintendo E3: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Trailer Takes Center Stage

When is the Nintendo conference at E3 2018 and how to watch

Nintendo E3: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Trailer Takes Center Stage

Even though you've already seen the videos for Super Smash Bros.

If you missed the conference, don't worry!

During the Nintendo Direct presentation this morning, the wraps were officially taken off of Super Smash Bros. The visual style is reminiscent of Breath of the Wild, but you get to pilot fighting robots with a heavy metal soundtrack.

Along with the usual cast of classic Nintendo characters like Mario, Link, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Jigglypuff, Nintendo revealed that every character who has ever been in Smash will be in Super Smash Bros.

The game also includes Splatoon's Inklings and the highly-requested villain Ridley from Metroid, that being saved as a surprise announcement at the end of the presentation.

I tried a one on one match, and was reminded that our blows would deal more damage than in a standard 4 Player Battle, in order to nearly scale the action so that it had a similar intensity. Stages from previous games will make a return, such as Princess Peach's Castle, Spirit Train, and the Green Hill Zone. Sakurai also hinted online battles may be coming in the future. Since launching past year, the Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo, and the Japanese gaming giant will look to continue its momentum at E3 2018. We still don't know how possible or useful that will be in the upcoming title (we may find out during the invitational tournament later today, but os far the word is it's not possible), but it's a change players have been looking for, without much hope, for years.

In addition to the return of these characters, new characters will be joining the fray too.

And it wouldn't be a Switch game without somehow making use of Nintendo's Joy-Con motion technology.

The newest entry in the Mario Party franchise has finally surfaced.

Meanwhile, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the first Fire Emblem game made for the Switch, featuring tactical combat and a host of fun RPG tropes.

For the most part, as with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Switch version of Smash Bros. looks to be more of a refinement on what's gone before.

Super Mario Party will release for Nintendo Switch on October 5, 2018. Here are all the major new Switch titles.

Lastly, battle royale game Fortnite will be available at 10 am Pacific Time (1:00 am, Manila time) for people to download and play. The Switch version has all the same chaotic building, cringe-worthy dancing, and fierce shoot-outs as its counterparts. Adventure is available today on the eShop, as is Bethesda's Fallout Shelter.

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