Sony looks to mobile gaming to improve its exclusive games

Sony looks to mobile gaming to improve its exclusive games

Sony looks to mobile gaming to improve its exclusive games

This brings its features relatively up-to-date with the other versions of Minecraft as it now runs on the Bedrock Engine. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said, "Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft's Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch all achieved all-time unit sales highs for a May month".

Some of the world's biggest games, from Fortnite to Minecraft to Rocket League, all support some variety of crossplay, allowing people with PCs, Xbox Ones, mobiles and Nintendo consoles to play on the same servers. By allowing cross-platform play, it is potentially giving up the powerful purchase argument of "my friend has this console, which means I need it, too".

Even if we're all Nintendo fans here, we're about gaming together and having as great a time as possible with everyone.

Sony isn't mentioned anywhere in the video, but it's clear the trailer takes a passive-aggressive jab at the company's stubbornness around cross-play.

According to SciresM, Nintendo employs extremely strong anti-piracy measures, and bans consoles from its online services when it detects chicanery.

Sony refuses to let PlayStation 4 users play games with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users. Despite the underlying dig at the PlayStation manufacturer, Microsoft and Nintendo genuinely seem to want to promote cross-platform play in Minecraft.

Sony has its own game streaming service in the form of PlayStation Now, but it hasn't really achieved much headway when it comes to mainstreaming this technology. It's a fearless new world of compatibility, but not if you're a Sony gamer. With the game becoming such a massive cultural phenomenon, it could well be a system seller-particularly for younger players who might not have access to a gaming PC to play it on. We suspect that the pressure placed on them by Fortnite players might be the reason Sony could change their minds.

Sony has been taking a lot of flack recently for its unrelenting stance on cross-play, but the company has shown no signs of backing down so far.

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