Thomas Markle Breaks Silence About Missing Royal Wedding

Disgraced publicist Max Clifford. Meghan spoke to him when she was looking for British representation,’ claims one of Clifford’s friends

Disgraced publicist Max Clifford. Meghan spoke to him when she was looking for British representation,’ claims one of Clifford’s friends

Earlier in Monday's interview with Good Morning Britain, Thomas recalled the first few conversations he had with Meghan about Harry.

Royal sources have maintained, however, they have done everything they can to help and guide Mr Markle, and say he is a proud man who finds it hard to accept assistance from his daughter.

Thomas Markle is a 1962 graduate of Newport High School in Perry County, Pennsylvania.

During the interview, the dad of the former "Suits" actress expressed sadness for not being able to attend his daughter's wedding and walk her down the aisle but did note he watched the wedding on TV. I was very upset that it wasn't me (walking her down the aisle) but the whole world was watching my daughter.

Since Thomas had to drop out, Harry's dad, Prince Charles, walked the gorgeous bride down the aisle instead, which Thomas said was an honor.

Thomas, a former lighting director, then got to know Harry over the phone before he asked permission to marry his daughter in November past year. And I said, 'You're a gentleman.

And with regard to the huge social gap his daughter would have to straddle he said: "The royals are very complicated".

He added that Meghan and Harry were very supportive after he told them he can not attend the wedding due to his surgery.

He said: "I hope I haven't offended them, I don't think I have, they know I love them and I hope the royals - the royal family - will understand my feelings as well". "My daughter is capable of anything and she will be a compliment to the royal family".

Asked about the controversy which made the headlines in the run up to the big day, Mr Markle replied: "I spoke to them both and I apologised". "Meghan said, 'Everything is ready for you.' Harry said, 'I've got one of my military friends to take care of you when you're here.' It was all set up, it was fine".

'I'm recovering from a heart operation but I'm doing much better, ' he told GMB. I still like Harry.

There was no immediate comment from the royal couple on Thomas Markle's interview. Harry is also "open" to the Brexit experiment.

"I thought this was a nice way of me improving my look. We don't want a member of the Royal family has a serious reaction to food poisoning, especially if she is on an overseas tour". I regretted it because I really wanted to walk her down the aisle.

Explaining why the Markles didn't get invites, he said, "Basically some 40/50/60 Markles came out of the woodwork all asking for invitations to the wedding and Meghan probably had the good sense to invite none because she would have offended the others". It was a very emotional moment for me, like I said, I cried about it. "I made a mistake and it went wrong".

"I would love to meet the Queen".

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