Trump commutes Alice Johnson’s sentence after meeting Kardashian-West

Trump commutes Alice Johnson’s sentence after meeting Kardashian-West

Trump commutes Alice Johnson’s sentence after meeting Kardashian-West

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian visited the White House May 30 to discuss Johnson's sentence and the possibility of a pardon or commuted sentence.

The commutation puts a renewed focus on the Trump administration's push for prison and sentencing reform, but which has sometimes clashed with the president's law-and-order approach, especially at the Justice Department.

Johnson had served 21 years of her life sentence after she was convicted on multiple criminal counts related to cocaine possession in 1996. The 1994 indictment describes dozens of deliveries and drug transactions, many involving Johnson.

Holley, who accompanied Kardashian West to the White House last week on behalf of Johnson's case, says that Kardashian West was the one who told Johnson she was being released in a phone call.

She tweeted her thanks to the president and Mr Kushner, saying: "So grateful to @realDonaldTrump, Jared Kushner & to everyone who has showed compassion & contributed countless hours to this important moment for Ms. Alice Marie Johnson".

"I want to say to President Trump, I am going to make you proud that you gave me this second chance in life".

Kardashian West tweeted that her phone call with Alice Johnson was "a moment [she] will never forget".

The reality star took to Twitter to celebrate the news, writing, "BEST NEWS EVER!".

"I feel that I have not only paid my debt, but I've overpaid my debt for the crime that I committed", she said. "She is considered to be a model inmate who is willing to go above and beyond in all work tasks, '" the statement continued. As soon as she stepped out of the van, she ran toward waiting family members who greeted her with hugs, flowers and tears. "She told me that she knew that this was meant to be".

Shortly after Johnson's commute was announced, Kardashian's family sent her messages of support on social, with Kris Jenner pulling a total #proudmom move.

She said Trump said he had investigated the case, speaking to several people, including Johnson's warden, and everyone had "a unanimous feeling of Alice, that she will live a great life", Kardashian said. The first was Shalom Rubashkin, a CEO of meatpacking company who was convicted on charges of fraud and money laundering in 2009 and sentenced to 27 years in jail.

US Attorney Michael Dunavant issued a statement late Wednesday: "Included in our Constitution is the absolute power and authority of the President to grant Executive Clemency relief, and I understand and respect the President's decision to grant a commutation of Ms. Johnson's sentence". "She's been gone for so long", she said.

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