Trump slams Trudeau, says United States won’t endorse G7 communique

Trump unleashed a Twitter harangue about Trudeau after departing the G7 summit in Quebec on Saturday, miffed that the Canadian prime minister had reiterated during a closing news conference that Canada intends to impose counter-tariffs on some American goods in retaliation for "insulting" tariffs imposed by Trump against Canadian steel and aluminum imports - which the president has justified on national security grounds.

Speaking with reporters on Monday at the Manitoba Legislature, the Premier voiced his concerns over the relationship between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump, which took a nose dive over the weekend at the G7 Summit in Quebec. -Canada border. Trudeau told reporters that imposing retaliatory measures "is not something I relish doing" but that he wouldn't hesitate to do so because "I will always protect Canadian workers and Canadian interests". John McCainJohn Sidney McCainGOP strategist: Trump "beclowned himself" at G-7 summit Trump trade adviser rips Trudeau: "There is a special place in hell" Graham: I'm "not so sure" McCain is right that a majority of Americans back free trade MORE (R-Ariz.) is the only one who stands against Trump.

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2018Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal.

But instead of punishing the entire U.S. economy, the initiative proposed by Scott Gilmore, a former Canadian diplomat and social entrepreneur, suggests that his compatriots punish Trump himself by striking at his "wallet".

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow accused Trudeau of "betrayal" and said he "stabbed us in the back" with a "sophomoric political stunt".

Trump, who was headed to Singapore for a summit with North Korean leaders, criticized Trudeau for making "false statements" at a news conference held after Trump had left Canada.

Describing the USA tariffs on European steel and aluminium as "unjustified", she left no doubt that EU nations would impose counter-measures on United States goods in response but cautioned against tit-for-tat retaliation which might lead to a trade war.

A spokesman for Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said the government had built "valuable relationships" in the United States, from the administration to organized labor and would continue its outreach. "They surely can not be that upset about what the prime minister said", according to a second Canadian official.

During a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's eyebrow seems to have slid down his face. Mr Trump said the move would protect domestic producers that were vital to U.S. security. And, overall, the USA has an $8.4 billion surplus with Canada.

Justin Trudeau and President Trump participate in the working session at the G7 summit on Friday.

Donald Trump linked American military spending to the European Union's trade surplus with the United States.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of California tweeted, "To my Republican colleagues: How long will you remain silent as President Trump lays ruin to our alliances and tears apart the very fabric of our democracy?"

"He really stabbed us in the back. Using that type of language is not professional, it's not called for, and I tell you, I was deeply disappointed to see this lack of professionalism on his part".

"We used to be a nation that was unbelievably cash flow oriented and had no debt of any effect", he said.

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