Warriors playing the opposite of hardball with Kevin Durant

Warriors playing the opposite of hardball with Kevin Durant

Warriors playing the opposite of hardball with Kevin Durant

Now the hard part begins. "What was the difference between the Warriors the previous year and this year, and what was my answer?" He has scored 2,000 or more points in every season in which he played at least 70 games.

Durant signed a below-market, two-year deal worth $51 million last year.

"Our goal - to be honest - is to keep the whole thing together", Myers said.

Two NBA championships (and two Finals MVPs). "It's a very thin line between winning and losing - it may not look like it".

In a new interview with ESPN, the Golden State Warriors star revealed he might retire at age 35.

The Warriors will have seven free agents this summer.

On Monday, the 29-year-old forward and 11-year National Basketball Association veteran said that he can see the light at the end of the tunnel of his playing career.

So then, was this just some light-hearted chirping from Myers to Durant, or an indication that the Dubs may actually be thinking of just letting the former MVP and four-time scoring champ walk away?

Therefore, the only question becomes how much money he will end up making. We're looking for a guy that can play, which is a little unusual...

During the Dubs' championship parade in Oakland Tuesday, however, Myers backtracked from that statement. But, he confirmed he will remain in Golden State at multiple points during the regular-season and most recently a couple days ago.

"Getting younger is an important factor for us", Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Monday. They may have a better coach - we'll see.

"I'm sure if you're around our players and talk to them, they make no bones about it, they love playing for him and they love going through this journey with him", Myers said of Kerr.

Brook Lopez - a second-unit 3-and-D 7-footer.

"Being able to get her message across with some humor and some wit, I think that's pretty special", guard Shaun Livingston said. Evans might want to get some Golden State shine for one year in an effort to cash in down the line.

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