World Cup is awarded to North America

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup , The Canadian Press

"We are all united in football", US Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro said. "Thank you for entrusting us with this privilege".

Canada, Mexico, Morocco and the U.S. were exempt, while Ghana was absent after the country's government said it had disbanded its football association amid allegations of "widespread" corruption.

He congratulated his rivals, saying "On behalf of the FRMF I wish to congratulate my colleagues, the presidents of the USA, Mexico, and Canada Football Associations, and I wish them all the best in organizing the FIFA World Cup and furthering the path of development of football".

Not to mention the 2026 World Cup will coincide with the 250-year anniversary of the U.S.' independence.

An estimated 5.8 million fans are expected to attend the matches with projected record profits for FIFA of $11 billion, funds that will be shared with the 211 FIFA member federations to help develop and expand the sport across the world.

Styled the "United Bid", the candidacy of USA-Canada-Mexico says it potentially has 23 host cities, with 17 of these located in the USA.

Instead of three automatic places in the tournament, six will be given by that time. So in eight years, teams from around the globe will face off in matches played throughout the US, which will host 60 of them, and Canada and Mexico, which will host 10 matches apiece.

The distance between the most northern host city (Edmonton) and the most southern (Mexico City) is nearly 3,000 miles, which compares to 1,900 miles at this month's tournament in Russian Federation.

Which cities will host the World Cup matches? The country hosted in 1970, but it also hosted in 1986 after it was originally awarded to Colombia, who couldn't host for economic reasons.

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter believes Morocco should win the bid to host the 2026 World Cup.

However, Nigeria's relationship with Morocco has improved over the years leading to a first presidential visit by a Nigerian leader to the North African country.

Morocco had hoped to become the second country in Africa to host football's biggest competition, after South Africa in 2010. The final vote ended with 134 to the United States and 65 for Morocco.

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