YouTube Music Streaming Service Similar to Spotify Launches Soon

YouTube Music Streaming Service Similar to Spotify Launches Soon

YouTube Music Streaming Service Similar to Spotify Launches Soon

YouTube's new music subscription service, a potential competitor to Spotify, will launch on Tuesday, May 22.

YouTube Premium, which will replace YouTube Red, will cost $11.99 US.

That's right, the new streaming channel is less than a week away, but there's a catch - it is only available at launch in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea. It has both mobile app and desktop experiences, playlists, artist radio, music videos, remixes, covers, and everything else you could ask for in a music service.

San Francisco: YouTube is rolling out a new service "YouTube Music" on May 22 to separate the music and film components on the Google-owned video-sharing platform.

Meanwhile, YouTube Red, an ad-free paid alternative to YouTube with exclusive video content, is to be rebranded as YouTube Premium and will include access to YouTube Music. If you're already a YouTube Red (soon to be YouTube Premium) member, you will continue to pay the current price. The service will feature a redesigned mobile app that is specifically created to play music, presumably replacing the one now available on the App Store.

Google is taking a hatchet to its YouTube Red service and carving it into two new services. If you don't want ads, plus also want extra features, you've got YouTube Music Premium to subscribe to.

What the hell is YouTube Music, you ask? This is an ad-free service that also plays in the background and allows downloads of millions of videos.

If we convert American pricing to Canadian, it could cost about $15 or so per month (which includes YouTube Music). And the service's home screen will dynamically adapt based on users' preferences, history, even location (for example, you'll be offered some blood-pumping music while at the gym). You'll also get to keep your Play Music purchases, uploads, and playlists. It'll roll out more broadly in the following weeks, with launches scheduled for Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Recently, Cobra Kai was the most watched show on any streaming service and it just announced a new AI docu-series starring Robert Downy Jnr.

The advantage of building a music service around YouTube is that it has content that other services don't have.

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