5 teams that should target Adonis Alexander in the supplemental draft

Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal could be a player selected in the 2018 Supplemental Draft

5 teams that should target Adonis Alexander in the supplemental draft

There are off-field issues with Alexander (like nearly all Supplemental draft players), as Alexander had issues with academics throughout his college career and a marijuana arrest. Cleveland won Josh Gordon in the 2012 Supplemental Draft, and back in 1985 the Browns scored Bernie Kosar with a first-round pick in that year's edition.

The Colts have not taken anyone from the supplemental draft int he last few years. It's not televised and the order is determined more like the NBA Draft than the normal NFL Draft.

To select a player in the supplemental draft, a team will submit a bid with a round value attached to a prospect...

This year, five such players have entered their names, and according to several draft analysts, the chance of someone being selected for the first time since 2015 is good. The Broncos are in the first tier of teams having finished a year ago as the fifth-worst team in the entire league.

However, there is buzz that some teams may be willing to forfeit as high as a second-round selection for Beal. But while the athleticism is there, Bryant plays out of scheme way too often and remains raw. If the Texans take the risk, Beal could reward it with years of solid play. He had considered entering the 2018 NFL Draft and garnered interest. The third group has all the teams that did make the playoffs.

- What really matters: Beal was forced to leave Western Michigan due to academic ineligibility.

Grand Valley State running back Martayveus Carter and Oregon State linebacker Bright Ugwoegbu also are eligible. The fact he could doesn't mean he should as he's far closer to a third or fourth round prospect, but desperation and the lack of options might make what is normally a pretty conservative process have teams be more aggressive with Beal. However, the team isn't likely to pass up talented players if they are available, so there is a chance Minnesota did attempt to acquire one of these players. They also sent a seventh-rounder to the Giants in the Alec Ogletree trade, leaving them with picks in Rounds 1 and 3-6. Wide receiver Terrelle Pryor was a third-round pick of the Oakland Raiders the previous year.

Dorsey attended Beal's pro day on June 28 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, adding fuel to the speculation that the Browns may be interested in making a claim on Beal.

Arizona could be one of those teams, as cornerback Adonis Alexander makes sense. The most decorated player to come out of the Supplemental Draft, however, is probably Cris Carter, the former Ohio State receiver who started out with the Eagles but became a star in Minnesota.

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