Angry crowd protests after Chicago police fatally shoot man

Members of the Chicago police department scuffle with an angry crowd at the scene of a police involved shooting in Chicago on Saturday

Angry crowd protests after Chicago police fatally shoot man

Video showed several police officers and protesters shoving each other. An officer points to Augustus waist and he backs away. Just prior, officers on foot patrol noticed a man that they believed was armed.

"The footage pauses and zooms in on the weapon". Police then moved in, wielding batons to stop them.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on Sunday said he'd ordered the quick release of the 30-second video clip to dispel rumours the victim was unarmed and ward off any further confrontations between residents and police. In 2016, the city adopted a policy to release video and audio recordings within 60 days of a use-of-force incident.

Chicago police patrol chief Fred Waller told a news conference that a crowd became combative after the shooting earlier Saturday, throwing bottles and jumping on top of a squad auto. Johnson says police stopped Augustus when an officer noticed a gun in a holster peeking out from under the man's T-shirt.

I don't agree that people should be walking around with guns in their waistbands like it is the Wild, Wild West.

Johnson says the gun was a semiautomatic handgun but that he's not sure what caliber.

As police officers stood nearby watching the crowd, activist William Calloway slammed the police department as a unsafe element terrorizing the city's poor and predominantly black and Latino enclaves like the South Shore neighborhood where Augustus was shot.

The man has been identified as 37-year-old Harith Augustus, also known as "Snoop" to those who knew him.

The release of the body camera footage comes after heated protests on Saturday.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson called the shooting a tragedy and said in a statement that its a blessing Augustus didnt have his daughter with him Saturday.

The city saw weeks of peaceful protest in 2015 after the release of a video showing white police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting black 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times in 2014.

The man became combative, pushed the officers' arms away and flailed his arms, trying to escape, Waller said. Following the shooting, a protest took place between residents and police officers, according to the Chicago Tribune. Four protesters were taken into custody Saturday, but only one was going to be charged, police said. Some witnesses dispute the account, one of whom describes a police officer who "jumped out of her vehicle and had a gun", stopping the man as he was crossing the street. He also said that he spoke with Augustus' family before releasing the video.

At least four people were arrested and several officers were injured, police said.

Chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told reporters a probationary officer with less than 2 years job experience shot and killed Augustus.

He wouldn't name the male officer who shot the man.

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