Big week: Trump, ahead of United States top court judge pick

Trump has said he will select a nominee from a list of 25 names, many of them judges on federal and state courts across the country.

Trump responded by saying he assumed overturning Roe would happen "automatically" if he was able to appoint two or three justices to the bench as president.

Trump tweeted on Saturday he would make the decision on July 9, and the White House has said his choice will come from the shortlist of 25 candidates he had compiled during his campaign and added to a year ago.

"I may have two of them come up, like the old days, to Bedminster", Trump said, referring to the staff and Cabinet interviews he held there in late 2016 during the presidential transition. The president has already said he intends to install a conservative justice in his place. "But I think it's going to go actually very quickly if I pick the right person".

After he won the election, Trump continued to say the judges he would appoint would be "pro-life" judges and that if Roe was overturned, the question of abortion would be settled by individual states.

Earlier Friday, Trump made similar comments in an interview with Fox News and said he was looking for a nominee who closely models Justice Neil Gorsuch, whom Trump nominated in January 2017.

"That's a big one". His opinions are, you know, so well written, so brilliant.

Though Trump is known for frequently breaking with tradition, making decisions on impulse, and ignoring the guidance of his advisors, he is reportedly listening closely to the advice of the White House counsel Don McGahn and his judicial adviser Leonard Leo, who serves as the executive vice president of the conservative Federalist Society.

"He's an outstanding talent", Trump said of Lee. "You've got to hit every one of them".

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