Boise Police identify stabbing suspect

1104541 Police CRIME SCENE tape partial graphic                        AP Graphics

1104541 Police CRIME SCENE tape partial graphic AP Graphics

Among the victims were members of Boise's refugee community, police said.

Police said officers were dispatched at 8:46 a report of a man attacking victims with a knife at the Wylie Street Station Apartments, on Wylie Lane behind a Thriftway Home Center store southeast of Collister Boulevard.

"It's a single evil individual who attacked", Bones said.

"It's a community within our community", Bones said.

Witnesses reported that the suspect had fled, and police arrested the 30-year-old man a short distance away. That was where Kinner reportedly directed his attack, targeting the children first, he said. The other injured children were aged from four to 12.

Bones did not name the suspect and described him as a 30-year-old male who is not from the state. "He's not a refugee". As part of former President Barack Obama's refugee resettlement program of 2012, Boise has become a magnet for refugees, including many from Syria.

"The senseless acts of one disturbed person does not change that. We must come together to condemn this vile act". "It is who we are and who we will continue to be".

An Idaho man was arrested late Saturday after allegedly stabbing nine people at a low-income apartment complex where refugee families live.

Six children and three adults were hospitalized after the mass stabbing, several with life-threatening injuries. Bones did not say why Kinner was kicked out, but he echoed Bieter's assurances that the crime in no way reflects on the attitudes of the city's 220,000 people in a metropolitan area dubbed "Treasure Valley". "Lives do remain in danger". He said some of the injuries are "very, very serious". All nine victims were taken to the hospital, and police apprehended a suspect quickly, Bones said.

Boise Police Chief Bill Bones told Boise State Public Radio the attack is not indicative of the Boise community at large. Kinner has an "extensive criminal record spanning multiple states" and was "not being entirely cooperative" with the investigation, Bones said. Under the administration's "zero-tolerance" policy, enacted in April and expanded in May, anyone found attempting to cross the U.S. -Mexico border without documentation is referred for prosecution, with children forcibly removed from their parents' care and taken to juvenile or "tender age" facilities, many of which have histories of abuse or mismanagement.

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