Donald Trump told Theresa May to sue the European Union over Brexit

Revealing he had apologized to the prime minister earlier in the day for the interview published in The Sun, Trump said he had confidence in the job May was doing.

The convention-shredding president, who had already attracted ire ahead of his four-day visit to Britain by rebuking Prime Minister Theresa May as she struggles over Brexit, met the Queen on Friday at Windsor Castle. "We should cherish the fact they've got the right".

He added: "I won't be going in some voting lobby with [Tory Brexiteer] Jacob Rees-Mogg and those who want a second referendum in some unholy alliance".

Trump said Queen Elizabeth, 92, was a "fantastic woman", adding: "up close, you see she's so handsome. and she's got a lotta years left". The deal she is pursuing "is not what the people voted on" and will affect trade with the USA "in a negative way", he said.

According to The Sun, Trump said May not only ignored the advice he gave her on Brexit, but has gone "the opposite way", leading to "very unfortunate results".

According to the USA president, he has told May how to do a Brexit deal, but, "She didn't agree, she didn't listen to me".

The president said he assumed Putin was ruthless, as he prepared to leave for Helsinki in advance of the summit. Somebody said are you friends or enemies? "I think the strategy here is for him to put out a bunch of statements, some of which are contradictory and some of which are nonsensical so that subsequently he can go back and pick the ones that are most useful at some future point and refer people to that".

Trump took to the golf course on Saturday.

If that commitment doesn't come, Himes continued, Trump should tell Putin that he will be in a "world of pain".

"'Darkest Hour' would appeal to Trump because it combines courageous self-direction, standing up to the old order, with an nearly mystic sense of speaking for the people", Gingrich said in an email. "The weather is handsome, and this place is incredible!"

Trump labeled the U.S. -U.K. relationship "the highest level of special" and said May was an "incredible woman" doing a great job.

The demonstrators gathered at The Meadows, a park in the Scottish capital where a giant balloon depicting President Donald Trump as an angry orange baby floated in the air.

Various protests are planned to coincide with the United States leader's visit to Scotland, including a national demonstration and "carnival of resistance" in Edinburgh. Numerous demonstrators carried placards bearing images of the "Baby Donald" balloon, along with the slogan "Dump Trump".

A mass protest in London on Friday drew more than 250,000 people, organisers claimed.

But Trump's visit came against the backdrop of tensions in the trans-Atlantic alliance: Mass protests of Trump in the streets of London, his second-guessing of May's handling of Brexit in an interview with a British newspaper and a string of worldwide summits that have often pitted the USA against its traditional allies.

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