First pictures emerge of Thai teens rescued from flooded cave

The rescued Thai football team

Image The rescued Thai football team

Thailand's Navy, whose SEAL unit led the rescue, and the Thai government have selected Ivanhoe Pictures to develop a film that would be directed by John M Chu, the president of Ivanhoe Pictures, John Penotti, said in a statement on Thursday.

Video has been released showing them in good health and in good spirits, though they will stay in quarantine for a week.

"They and their families won't have the capacity to cope with this kind of thing".

He said the boys, ranging in age from 11 to 16, were "incredibly resilient". He said they must be treated at the hospital for at least seven days.

"I want this warm hug once again", his widow Valeepoan said on Instagram, posting a photo of her and Saman embracing.

"To not receive food, we can still survive for many months but what's necessary is water, which the cave has, and around this time there's a lot in the cave, and they chose clean water to drink", public health inspector Thongchai Lertwilairatanapong said at a press conference. And helped him to have a new life, it's like a rebirth. Others, including their 25-year-old soccer coach, who had been trapped in the cave along with the boys, sat in bed, their faces obscured by green surgical masks. "The coach was the one to choose", he said.

Some of the children rescued even had a typical kid's request at the hospital after being trapped without food for so long - bread with chocolate spread.

Families of the 12 boys have been allowed to visit them. The tourism authority is also giving them all a five-year visa.

The second group of boys rescued has been given approval to see their parents through glass, but the third group are still undergoing tests, he said.

The rescued group are all now recovering in hospital.

Thai officials have been generous with their praise of foreign volunteers who were essential in the complicated search and rescue operation, including the two British divers who were the first to discover where the members of the Wild Boar soccer club were sheltering.

This week, after an 18-day ordeal, they were all rescued from the cave complex.

One boy is suffering with a lung infection, three show mild symptoms of pneumonia, another has a cut on his leg, and all have received vaccinations for rabies and tetanus.

A huge media pack of more than 1,000 journalists gathered at the mouth of the cave feeding audiences all over the globe with every twist and turn of the dramatic rescue until its joyful conclusion on Tuesday. Wetsuits and scuba gear still hung along a walkway at the entrance Wednesday, waiting to be sorted by Thai Navy officials.

But the rescue in murky water presents an added challenge.

He was the last man out of the cave Tuesday but emerged to tragedy, learning of his father's death shortly after the rescue had completed.

Plans to turn the rescue operation into a movie are also in the works, with two production companies racing to turn the extraordinary story into a film.

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