Focus at Four: What we know about the upcoming Trump-Putin summit

Focus at Four: What we know about the upcoming Trump-Putin summit

Focus at Four: What we know about the upcoming Trump-Putin summit

During his historic summit with Kim Jong Un last month, Trump met for about an hour with just the North Korean dictator, joined only by their translators.

It's not particularly unusual for presidents to sit down solo with other leaders before more formal diplomatic talks involving their delegations. "What hasn't Trump done that Vladimir Putin would've wanted him to do?"

The summit would offer Putin a chance to try to persuade Washington to lift some of the sanctions imposed on Russian Federation over its annexation of Crimea, and supposed meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

After all, Putin is accused of ordering an influence operation to interfere in the 2016 USA election that evolved into a bid to help Trump win. Media coverage of the investigation as well as the tweets of Trump that have dealt with its progress have cast a dark shadow on prospects of improving American-Russian relations. The other is recognition of Russian Federation as a major superpower.

President Putin expects something, not less precious, in return.

European allies are also concerned about election meddling by Russian Federation. They have met previously on the sidelines of conferences, CNN reported. Another summit is due on July 16th in Helsinki still aimed at world peace.

The Russians are willing to make that happen.

Ahead of the North Korea summit, some USA officials expressed concern about a meeting without any other aides present.

But Trump's political career suggests he will take the course of action that most infuriates his critics, and he is loath to give in to pressure.

"So far there is no such meeting on the President's agenda, but we know that the American legislators have planned very extensive meetings with their colleagues."

"The President has determined that now is the time for direct communication between himself and President Putin and that it is in the interest of the United States. and that's the way he's proceeding", the official said.

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