Greenland village watches looming iceberg, weather forecast

Iceberg at Ilulissat Greenland

Iceberg at Ilulissat Greenland

"Iceberg production in Greenland has been increasing in the past 100 years as climate change has become stronger", William Colgan, senior researcher at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, said.

A view of an Iceberg July 12, 2018, near the village Innaarsuit, on the northwestern Greenlandic coast.

Why is this a threat?

A monumentally huge iceberg is floating dangerously close to a Greenland community whose residents fear a devastating tsunami if the ice mountain breaks apart in warming weather.

The iceberg is 650 feet wide, rises 300 feet above sea level, and weighs up to 11 million tons, the Danish Meteorological Institute told the Danish broadcaster DR.

In fact, the iceberg is so very big, it was picked up by the EU's Sentinel-2A satellite - yep, you can literally see it from space.

"We know that icebergs are quite fragile things, they've got lots of fractures through them", she adds.

New York University professor David Holland, an expert in atmospheric and ocean science, said it was "the largest event we've seen in over a decade in Greenland".

Thirty-three people have already been removed from Innaarsuit, according to the Washington Post, but 169 residents remain.

That's what researchers are comparing the 11-million-ton iceberg now looming over a tiny village in Greenland to.

"I was impressed that they captured the event so well and that it had a lot of features it and complexity to it", said Ted Scambos, a senior research scientist with the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center, according to CBC-Canada News.

"All the people in the danger area have been evacuated to a building that is further up in the village", Davidsen said.

Authorities have been keeping a close eye on the lumbering iceberg and say it's moved some 600 yards to the north since being lodged. "We are used to big icebergs, but we haven't seen such a big one before", Susanna Eliassen, a member of the village council told KNR. It threatens to flood the island with tsunami like waves if it splits.

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