Joey Chestnut downs a record 74 franks for 11th title

This is your body after 70 hot dogs competitors and doctors dish on Nathan’s contest side effects

Carmen Cincotti competes against Joey Chestnut during the 2017 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Sudo was five behind her effort a year ago she but has won five of the eight competitions since a separate women's division was created in 2011.

Chestnut, it's worth noting, is something of a hot dog eating legend as he's won the event 10 times thus far. And it wasn't even that close: Chestnut ate ten more dogs than Carmen Cincotti, who finished in second. Each qualified after eating six hot dogs during regional rounds, although Kristina bested her mom by chowing down on an extra half. His unofficial count was 45; officially, he ended with 64.

Thousands of attendees, many donning mustard-colored hot dog caps, braved 83-degree temperatures and a heat index of 91 degrees to witness the annual July Fourth competition on the Coney Island boardwalk. The error didn't change the victor or the order, but it did set a new record once it was found one of Chestnut's plates wasn't counted. Shea says they're considering tracking the weight of each plate, saying he doubts "we can put the microchip on the tongue or in the esophagus".

Speaking with Rovell on Thursday, Major League Eating president Rich Shea said, "yesterday's incident might be the impetus to bring competitive eating into the digital age". This isn't your father's hot dog eating contest.

When Shea said that the contest had "a lot on the line", he wasn't exaggerating. "Last year he did 72".

Offshore sportsbooks had taken more than $1 million in bets on the contest, ESPN noted, pointing out the money that surrounds the contest and the importance for accuracy in counting. But scientists have figured out a few keys to how a person's stomach does the job.

Eager to continue his dominance in the competition, Chestnut displayed a jaw-breaking eating endurance as he quickened the tempo by eating seven hot dogs in a minute.

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