Judicial Crisis Network to Pressure Key Dems to Back SCOTUS Nominee

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Judicial Crisis Network to Pressure Key Dems to Back SCOTUS Nominee

"Judge Kavanaugh is known as a judge who respects the Constitution as written, refusing to legislate from the bench".

Thank you for signing up for the 3 Things to Know Newsletter. Previous lobbying efforts by McConnell - including a push for fellow Kentuckian 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Amul Thapar, who would have been the court's first Asian-American nominee - have failed. White House aides said they have prepared "rollout packages" for the four finalists.

Republicans hold 51 seats in the Senate, though Arizona Sen.

As a result, Democrats - unable to block the nominee unless they lure some Republican senators to their side - have stressed the high stakes of the president's decision as they prepare for the confirmation battle ahead.

"One of the most important decisions a president will ever make is the decision to nominate a justice to the United States Supreme Court. I said, 'You've given us a lot to work with here, Mr. President, it was really a home run pick'".

President Donald Trump chose Brett Kavanaugh, a solidly conservative, politically connected judge, for the Supreme Court Monday night, setting up a ferocious confirmation battle with Democrats as he seeks to shift the nation's highest court ever further to the right.

Calling Trump's Supreme Court nomination an "honor and privilege", Kavanaugh addressed a crowd in the White House's East Room alongside his wife and two daughters. The group Fix the Court, which advocates for Supreme Court transparency and accountability, sued the National Archives and Records Administration and the Justice Department on Tuesday over outstanding requests under the Freedom of Information Act related to Kavanaugh's time working under the former independent counsel Ken Starr, who was investigating the Clinton White House.

His mother was also a judge.

"My judicial philosophy is straightforward", he said.

The conservative Kavanaugh is looking to take over a spot set to be vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy's abrupt impending retirement.

On the issues, Kavanaugh seems to tick numerous boxes of interest to Trump, who included him on a list of potential Supreme Court picks published by the White House in November 2017.

Trump tweeted later Sunday that he was looking forward to the announcement and said an "exceptional person will be chosen!"

Fix the Court has released financial information on the contenders here.

On Monday before Trump announced his nominee, the White House sent out the list again and touted Trump's selection process.

Casey is one of the handful of so-called "Red State" Democratic senators who are running for reelection in a state carried by the president in the 2016 election, and who are seen as especially vulnerable this election cycle as a result. And control of the Senate is in play, which wouldn't stop Trump from making another SCOTUS nomination if a liberal justice retires under his watch, but Democrats could try to mitigate that next pick's conservative lean. Kennedy, a 1988 appointee of President Ronald Reagan, was the most unpredictable. But it's likely that supporters of abortion rights are still wondering about this issue.

Thus it was that the 81-year-old Californian - until recently the only Westerner on the nine-member court - cast the deciding votes in recent years on gay marriage and gun ownership, prayer and privacy, campaign finance and capital punishment.

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